Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Natural Vitamins For Fast Hair Growth And Thickness

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Obsessed with the hair of Rapunzel and want healthy hair. The first thing to consider is your diet. Like different body parts, hair also needs nutrients to be healthy and grow. Question yourself if your diet is having all the nutrients required for hair growth or thickness.

If the answer is no, you need to change your diet. A proper diet will help you achieve your hair goals. The healthy hair will add a charm to your looks.

Diet deficient in nutrients may lead to hair loss and thinning. However, age, genetics, and hormones are some other contributing factors.

Basically, there are five major vitamins needed for proper hair and thickness.

1. Vitamin A

The first one is Vitamin A. Though it has a role in the proper development and functioning of the eyes. But it also has some role in the immune system, skin and hair development.

Vitamins for Hair Growth and ThicknessHair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body and like all the other cells of the body, they need vitamin A too. Sebum is an important component to moisturize the scalp and keeps the hair healthy.

And vitamin A act as a helper of skin glands to produce sebum. It’s a fact that deficiency in a diet may lead to hair loss. But the evidence is there that the excess of it can also cause hair loss.

So, to get good results to use vitamin A according to RDA. Some common sources include carrot, green leafy vegetables, sweet potato, milk, and milk products, etc.

2. Vitamin B

Another is Vitamin B. The major contributor is biotin. Other names for biotin are vitamin B7, vitamin H, biotin, and coenzyme R.

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Except for biotin, the other B vitamins help in the formation of red blood cells. In this way, they ensure the oxygen and nutrients available to the scalp and hair follicles. This series of process is significant in hair growth.

Rich sources of the vitamin are whole-grain foods, nuts, meat, seafood, and dark leafy green vegetables. Anyone aged 10 or older should get between 30 and 100 mcg per day.

Infants and children should get:

Birth to 3 years: 10 to 20 micrograms (mcg)

Ages 4 to 6 years: 25 mcg

Ages 7 to 10 years: 30 mcg

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may need higher levels of biotin.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Vitamin C is also of prime importance. Being an antioxidant, it has a significant role in the human body. Hair damage may occur due to free radicals.

But thanks to the Vitamin C which can save us from this loss. A protein named collagen is an important part of the human structure. To make this protein our body requires vitamin C.

In addition to this iron absorption is also dependent on vitamin C in the body. Iron is necessary for proper hair growth. Sources of Vitamin C include oranges, guava, peppers, strawberries, etc.

4. vitamin D

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Lower the level of vitamin D in the body, greater are the chances of alopecia (the term used for hair loss). The basic role of vitamin D is to help create new follicles, so the new hair may grow.

This will add to the thickness of the hair. The best source of vitamin D is sun or seafood. The people deficient in vitamin D are unable to have healthy hair. However, the exact mechanism of Vitamin D in hair growth is unknown.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. Different researches depict that the addition of Vitamin E in your diet helps you have better and thick hair. Sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, and avocados are rich sources of Vitamin E.

Besides these five vitamins, there are some other nutrients that are of prime importance. These are:

Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness


The role of iron in the human body is to ensure the adequate availability of oxygen. And thus, it becomes an important mineral for several body functions including hair growth.

Anemia (a condition in which the body is iron deficient) cause the hair loss. Anemia is more prevalent in women. Iron-rich foods are spinach, egg, lentils, oysters, etc.


Its function is to keep the oil glands near follicle in working condition. Also involved in tissue repair and growth.

Studies have confirmed that diet deficient in zinc may lead to hair loss. Better to get your zinc from whole foods. Rich sources include oysters, beef, wheat germ, etc.


Our hair is protein in nature. So, deficiency in protein-rich may diet cause hair loss. Chances are rare. What the experts recommend is to get all the nutrients from the diet.

But in case if not possible go for the supplements. Excess f the vitamins is as bad as the deficiency. So, keep your intake moderate.

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