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✅ Full palm protection: no more hand injuries and calluses. Ihuan exercise gloves can completely protect your hands. The wrist rest protects your arm from sprains. The foam pad on the palm will cushion the impact of the sports equipment. Made of neoprene made of silicone rubber, it is a high-quality material that is resistant to water, hazardous chemicals, grease, heat and aging. Fewer cracks and missions, more PEPS and PR.
✅ Easy workout: Ihuan workout gloves are more breathable. The back of the hand is made of ultra-light microfiber, which is a lightweight and breathable fabric. So gloves keep your hands dry and comfortable. Ihuan fitness gloves are suitable for women, men, adults and teenagers for weight lifting, pull-ups, exercise, fitness, gym training and general exercise.

✅Built-in wristbands: Experience these uniquely designed weightlifting wristbands, which can provide excellent training experience and excellent wrist support for men and women no matter what exercise. Excellent wrist support for cross training and Olympic weightlifting, such as snatch, jerk, forward squat and other weightlifting that requires wrist protection.
✅Comfort and ventilation: The wristband is tightened and loosened with Velcro, allowing users to adjust their comfort. The well-designed breathable mesh design on the back of the hand also provides great comfort, allowing your hands to breathe even during strenuous exercise. Less sweat and more ventilation equals no odor. Gloves, fewer washing cycles, longer life.

✅Customer First, Service First: After purchasing these weighted gloves, 97% of customers said it was very practical. After receiving our products or encountering any problems during use (such as size, quality, comfort, etc.), you can always contact us and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.


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